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I have been using Cinta Colour highlighting shampoo since my hairdresser introduced it to me about 20 years ago. I am now 60 and have never tinted or coloured my hair in any way (apart from regularly, but not always, using your shampoo) nor has my hair ever been tinted or coloured by my hairdresser. She is fascinated with the colour of my hair and the way it has thickened over the years. My hair still looks the auburn colour it has always been and is very healthy.  I do not include a before and after shot because there has been no change in my hair colour, despite my age and of course there are no ugly "part" lines as colour grows out because no professional or home colouring has ever been done.

Good luck with your advertising.


Mary-Ann Lovejoy wrote:
Hi there Lee
Yes I have been able to obtain my beloved shampoo, which was a great relief.
When I found it, I bought 10 bottles, just to be on the safe side! I have
attached a photo taken just before I had my hair cut short in January. Not
bad hair for (nearly...)52, and I just use Cinta shampoo once or twice a
week, having done so for many years. People are always commenting on my
hair, asking how I keep it so shiny and healthy-looking. I usually use
'Auburn', or sometimes I mix together 'Auburn' and 'Honey Blonde' if I want
less colour but the same shine. I never use chemicals or other products on
my hair, so this photo is 'au naturel.'
Cheers, and thanks for being so helpful when I was hunting for supplies. I
was thinking a "Clear" version of Cinta might also be a great thing to
develop - this way you could maintain shine without extra colour. Is there
such a thing?